If it's not worth $5 to you, then...

be honest with yourself.

How can we show our appreciation - and fund the things we want to grow ? - and NOT fund the stuff we definitely don’t want to grow…

Well, it might be this simple:

Instead of giving your money to a bunch of middle men - let’s just give it to the person bringing us the value.

The internet is full of hype (not that regular advertising wasn’t) - and it’s literally littered with trash. Ads, pyramid schemes, scummy guys promising you big houses and Lamborghini’s, and an entire world of people trying to skim just a little more the top of the toxic plastic piece of trash their selling you. It’s just on its way to the landfill (that our taxes pay for) anyway.

I’m going to do you a favor -

If the emails I send out - aren’t engaging - and valuable enough to enrich your live and possibly save you many many hours with tips and tricks… and that exchange isn’t worth $5 a month, then it’s really just another distraction for you - and so - let’s just cut it out of the equation. Focus is priceless. Don’t spend it on things that don’t bring you joy or that don’t offer value.

However, I think that each of my emails will be well worth the $1.

I hope you will come on this ride with me. 🤠