It's easy to say you care about something

Prove it.

It’s quick and easy to change your Facebook avatar or your Instagram square to a rainbow or a black square. You can add a banner at the top of your website - or write a memo about how much you care about any given cause.

But it’s easy to see how quickly we just get back to “normal” - and normal is usually the problem.

The artifacts of our ‘good intentions’ don’t age well.

Whether you’re a single person, or a household, or a small business, or a public official, or a big business, or a giant corporation — this shouldn’t be a PR stunt.

If you want to do something that is meaningful - just fucking do it. Put your money where your mouth is. Change is surprisingly easy to measure.

If want to help change the world around you - and you don’t know how - I’ll be happy to spend some time with you and help figure out where you can have the most impact.

Love is great. I think it’s going to take a little more than that -