Rackets and writing workshops and a new session at PE.

But how are YOU doing?

Well, - it’s been a weird time! But I’ve been busy. I hope that you are doing well.


I’ve been doing this writing workshop for a few weeks. It’s OK. I’m not giving it my whole heart… so, I can’t really judge the course - BUT, I have written my little atomic essay EVERY DAY. The teachers are huge Twitter fans. Apparently - being Twitter famous is really important? I’ve never had any meaningful interactions on Twitter. I’m not a fan. But - maybe you are? Here’ the essays pinned to the top: https://twitter.com/sheriffderek


I’ve also been doing some mini-interviews through Racket (a new audio content platform. It’s pretty fun. Max of 9 minutes, so - it’s not a 2-hour podcast. 9 Minutes is nice to just hear a stranger’s thoughts while you’re doing some dishes - or a string of them on a car ride. Here’s one where I chat with Natalie Obrien - a web developer in the Caribbean and here’s one where I talk about choosing web frameworks and how they are like power tools.

Perpetual Education: September session

We’ve been doing LOTS of stuff over at PE. In case you don’t know what that is, is the school I teach at - and write the curriculum for. It’s really fun. We just got a write in the LA WEEKLY. Last call for September! Know anyone who you want designing your future? Quick! Get them trained up!

You can read all about what we’re up to here:

Perpetual Education Newsletter
Updates and the upcoming September 6th session.
Hello! It’s almost September! Lots to talk about…
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Here’s one of my ~250 word mini-essays from the writing workshop

This isn’t my side hustle. It’s my life.

I assume people are just trying to show some camaraderie. We're "hustling," right? Hash-tag #hustle. Hustle life. Out here hustlin'. Trying to better ourselves? Maybe it's like getting out of a small town - or getting that football scholarship and making a big change. But I don't feel like I'm hustling anyone. There's something positive in there.

to obtain by energetic activity —usually used with up

to sell something to or obtain something from (someone) by energetic and especially underhanded activity : SWINDLE

to sell or promote energetically and aggressively

to lure less skillful players into competing against oneself at (a gambling game)

I can get pretty creative in a pinch. I rise under pressure. It's not pride, but I'm aware of it. However, It's not a hustle.

This isn't my side hustle. It's who I am, what I do, and what I believe is the most meaningful way I can spend my life.

Sometimes it feels like on one side, there's the #hustle nation. Everything is about being clever and getting over on something or someone / blind strides toward some foggy idea of progress/success.

And on the other are the rigid cynics. Everything is a scam, a fake. Nothing could be honest. Hyperaware, full of fear, and attempting to temper those around them.

Everyone's on that spectrum somewhere. In between hope and uncertainty is the time - and the opportunity to be honest, vulnerable, courageous, and powerful. Living in the present should do just fine.

This isn't my side hustle. It's my life.

What are YOU doing!????

I want to hear about it, please!