It’s Design. It’s a conversation. It’s designing conversations. It’s a call to action. It’s a call to design conversations.

Please, won’t you be - my neighbor?

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Be part of a community of allies. It’s one thing to “like” something - or someone. It’s another thing to work toward a shared success. By paying $1 or so per article - you are proving to yourself that this content is worth your time - to read - and also to think about during your daily life. If it isn’t - then that’s ok too! Derek isn’t trying to reach everyone. He’s trying to reach the right people - to help design the right conversations to effect change.

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Design can raise us up - or keep us down. Let's have a conversation about it.


Designer (research, content-strategy, testing, type, colors, space, more testing) and Web Developer (HTTP, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript) - and some music...