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You hit multiple great points in a single article. I don't know which one is the best. But I will start with this.

> a series of ‘habits’ and ‘feelings’ instead of clear mental and conceptual models for design or programming.

Well said, this is me after years of so called self-learning. Lot of maybe's and I think so's. Yes, I got the job and been in a better place but definitely not the most confident of the bunch. Having a bout of imposter syndrome every time I start a new job and tired to having to deal with a perpetual good to be here syndrome, which just drains me.

> This leads to a workplace where people hide from each other. They use the shield that ‘smart people’ are unique and need focus.

This is a really interesting thought, It never occurred to me. The more people we have who are insecure about their skill, the more closed and complicated the team communication will become.

I am on one of the first batch of the coursera Rice university python course (which of course change my life) where the instructor used to quote, "by the end of this course you know enough to be dangerous". I used to think of that in a good way. Yes, why not, I am going to learn enough to be dangerous and break things.

This will be good for short term, its easy to learn fast and break things. In a longer timeline, which you should always optimise for, learning enough to be dangerous is bad. What you want is strong basics and great mental models which will help you build things. Wish I had know this when I am staring out.

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Web designers are the gatekeepers ;)

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