"I care about everything the most"

Is that possible?

The other day, when I wrote about how easy it is to “say you care about something” - I was going to write “Less virtue signaling and more action” at the end.


The problem with this term “virtue signaling” - is that - first of all / it doesn’t actually make any sense - because it’s not really “virtue” - and second of all: if you suspend that problem… then you are in-fact virtue signaling by pointing it out. It turns out you just have to do whatever the fuck you believe in - and work hard at it. You can’t do everything - and it wouldn’t really make sense. Some people save the whales - and others just don’t beat their kids to death. There are “wins” of all sizes.

Well, I was happy to know that I wasn’t alone in those thoughts when I listened to:

No Stupid Questions: Episode 17

How Can We Get More Virtue and Less ‘Virtue Signaling’?


But people don’t like to be held to the fire - and do things that are hard / when you can just push like. Yikes!

"If this was a blog post about running, I’d definitely be teaching things that would make you tired.

And if you want to learn anything about making a difference, being creative or leading, you should ask the person teaching to cover things that will make you afraid.”

~ Seth Godin