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I remember skyline. I didn’t go there. Inemebrr you went there, and so did Richard. And a bunch of other people from earl warren. I remember skating there a couple times...

I went to Del Mar hills but that felt similar. A public school that was “different” basically because it was in an upper middle class neighborhood and received tons of help from parents.

We didn’t have walls. It was two giant rooms with a bunch of temporary moveable walls. It actually wasn’t a disaster, except that one time a wall fell over on a table of kids and one girl had to go to the hospital. She was ok. Pretty sure the parents didn’t sue.

We had tons of outdoor space. Cans for critters. Rolf bernerschka (sp?) qb for the chargers would show up at assemblies with someone from the zoo and an animal. It was cool. We were pretty ducky lucky, privileged.

I see that especially now teaching the population of kids that I teach. But I still remember the things that stuck with me were the weird experiences. Like seeing what it would be like to run with my eyes closed directly into the handball wall. Hurt more than I expected.

These days I try to facilitate room for my students to have experiences they will remember. However stupid they might be. ...you know without getting me fired for child endangerment. Sometimes it really is walking that line. Last year I took a group of students on a field trip to this park with all these cool rocks all over the place. Giant quartz monzonite boulders. One girl slipped and fell between two boulders wedging her body in a giant crack with her legs dangling free over a hidden cave. I struggled not to panic. I got some of the bigger kids to help me haul her out. They were all in my medical detectives class (elective) where I teach wilderness first responders training. So we went into patient assessment mode and then treatment of her scrapes. It was kind of cool. But I was also 100% sure my career was over. I immediately called her parents and the school and told them what happened. I didn’t get bad sounding answers but I didn’t get good sounding answers. For the next two months I waited for the other shoe to drop. Nothing. Now I’m permanent so I guess it’s all fine.

It was scary for me but I know it’s one of those experiences the kids will remember...

I don’t know. They might not have passed every quiz or test or whatever but at least they got that.

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